How a strong repair can save time and money

25 March 2021

Sometimes the smallest errors can result in large losses – but with the right repair, we can help keep the costs as low as possible.

As any producer knows, having your machinery out of commission for any length of time costs money. So does unexpected repair work.  At Ridge Belting we know that you not only need speedy solutions, but long-lasting ones as well.

In this particular instance, our client had a brand-new belt fitted to their conveyor during a scheduled replacement. Unfortunately, as the conveyor belt system was readjusted after the fitting, the skirts from the overhead hopper were left just 5mm too low – and dragging on the new belt. After just 24 hours of continuous use the skirt mesh wore away a 20 meter section, turning one new belt into two.

Ridge Belting were called in to assist with a temporary repair. Replacing the entire belt would take 6 hours – time the client just didn’t have. Our solution – with the use of our high temperature welder we used reinforced foils to fuse the belt back together.

The result – In just 90 minutes we were able to repair the brand-new belt for the client and get them back up and running. Our repair work lasted a full 10 months, until the client was able to replace the entire belt again on a maintenance day. Our fast and very effective work meant they lost the least amount possible to machine down-time and get more use than expected from the damaged belt.

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