How knowing the right supplier can make the difference in doing the job well

25 March 2021

When our clients have a particular problem with their conveyor belt, we often find that the best solution can depend on our knowledge of the different belting suppliers.

In this particular case, our client found that large amounts of the loose product – small, fine seeds –  were falling through the gaps and spilling over the flights on his conveyor, resulting in unnecessary amounts of waste while failing to get enough product to the top of the incline. Increasing the speed of the belt was not an option.

Ridge Belting were happy to help with problem solving; we designed new flights that not only fit from edge to edge but also had a higher wall and a roof. This would allow more product to build up and reach the multi-head weighers rather than being lost to the floor. 

We identified Volta Belting Technology as the best supplier for this job. After 18 years of working with this supplier, we knew that they were best placed and had the technology to make this design to our specifications and with a top-quality finish.

The result – our lengthy experience with belting suppliers across the UK and Europe means that we can quickly identify the best supplier for a particular problem. We can advise our clients and get the right solution the first time – saving them costs in the long-term. In this instance, it was worth the longer lead time to receive the finished designs from Volta’s factory in Holland to get the perfect sized flights for the installed machinery, and more product into the weighers without wastage.

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